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Lingerie handling About lingerie repair


The products of pipi_ttaphan use delicate materials with fine fibers.

If you wash each time by hand, you can keep the beautiful condition for a long time.

Please use a neutral detergent for lingerie or wearing fashionable clothes.


Separate the dark and light colors, put an appropriate amount of detergent in water or lukewarm water, and dissolve well


Put on lingerie and shake quickly

Soak the undershorts for about 3 minutes and wash them with a partial knob wash.


Wrap it in a dry towel and remove the water thoroughly (if dehydrated in a washing machine, put it in a net and do it in a short time)

* Do not use a washing machine for products that use wires, bones, metals, or accessories as it may cause damage.



After dehydration, straighten wrinkles and shape (bra keeps hooks)


Elastic camisole and brassiere on shoulder straps are fastened to the stretchable parts and dried.

("Skin" camisole * 1 is recommended to be dried flat / brassiere is upside down and the under part is fastened to dry)


Dry in the shade or dry indoors in a well-ventilated place

* Please avoid using the dryer because heat causes shrinkage and damage of the fabric.

Lingerie Repair (Japan shipping only)

pipi_ttaphan lingerie provides repair service for the lingerie you purchased.

Size adjustment of purchased bralette items is Free.(undercut, underextension, shoulder strap cut, other repairs)

* There may be a charge depending on the content.


We also propose lingerie repair according to your request.

Lingerie repair of other brand products is also possible

Please feel free to contact us for details such as price and number of days

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